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Washington Street Elementary

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Elementary Schools Say Goodbye with Parades

Elementary students were able to say their final goodbyes, hand over teacher gifts, receive awards and special departing presents and much more at the goodbye parades. Each elementary school held it on what was supposed to be the last day of school for the 2019-20 school year. Each student drove past the different grade levels at their schools getting waves and cheers and "we'll miss you"s from each one. 
Each school had something special for their students.
Washington Street made sure to keep the tradition to spray their students with super soakers, and had a separate section for the 5th graders to connect with their teachers for the end-of-the-year gifts and awards. Alamo had their families take a lap around the Kalamazoo Speedway and Dix Street students went from preschool through 5th grade in a specially lined route in both of their parking lots. 
It was a different celebration, but a really fun one that they are sure to remember! You can see more pictures on our Elementary Goodbye Parade Photo Album on Facebook.