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Virtual Field Trip

Restrictions on groups kept students in their classrooms this year for the Lansing field trip, but they were able to get a great experience virtually. They connected live with a tour guide inside the capital who walked them through all of the highlights sharing architectural and historical facts along the way. 

“Our guide was very knowledgeable and did a great job relating to the kids,” explains WSE 4th grade teacher, Kim Winchel. The guide took them to the glass floor, showed them the rotunda, Senate, and Governor's office. They couldn’t go into the Supreme Court or House of Representatives because they were in meetings, but showed the kids pictures. They were able to see lobbyists, though. “We got to see all of the architectural details that they put into restoring the capitol building to what it looked like originally, from the door hinges to the chandeliers and paint,” she says. 

The kids were really excited to learn about it all, “I kept hearing, ‘Wow! Awesome! That's cool!’ They loved the glass floor, flags, rotunda and Governor's office.” Since the tour was live, the students were able to type their questions into the chat so the tour guide could answer them along the way. Students were proud and excited when their question was answered. “The kids are sad that they didn't get to go to the capitol this year, but we are happy that they took the time to still give us a live guided tour. The tour guide encouraged them to take a trip to Lansing someday to visit and tour THEIR capitol, and to hold this beautiful building and pride for their state in their hearts.”