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Sweet Science Lesson

Gummy bears are good for more than a treat - they work well in science, too! As WSE 3rd graders study the scientific method, they conducted an experiment to find out what will happen to a gummy bear soaked in water over two nights.
Students made a hypothesis as to what they think will happen, set up the experiment and recorded observations. They charted what they saw along with actual measurements of the gummy bear - if it didn’t fall apart. These sugary treats took on quite a bit of water and really expanded! At the end, they were given a regular sized gummy bear again to compare the two. 
Along with their science experiments, students are also learning about science as a career pathway. Mrs. Reitenour, who teaches all 3rd graders at Washington Street Elementary science, designates a "Future Scientist" during class; they get to wear a special lab coat. They're exploring all the different careers there are with science. They’re pretty pumped up about the year ahead now that they know they’ll all get to be a meteorologist, a physicist and a biologist to match their units of study.