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Art Club 
Elementary students are welcomed to explore new artistic techniques and ideas during the after school art program. Students who love working with fine arts will enjoy being able to delve deeper into the art world. Not only are students learning more about the arts, they will also be practicing proper material usage, respecting and encouraging others, and working towards individual goals. The 6-week program is open to 3rd - 5th graders. Art Club information and sign-up will be distributed to the students.

PAWS stands for Physical Activity With Spirit and at Otsego our bulldogs love physical activity! We feel it's important that kids not only stay active but enjoy being active. PAWS is an after-school activity where students take part in different games and activities to keep their bodies moving. PAWS runs during the colder months when students don't get outside quite as much. This is a fun way for kids to be involved and stay active. There is a small cost to join the program, but kids get a snack after school and a souvenir of the year's program! 

Otsego Stars is an extracurricular performing arts groups that typically rehearse for one hour a week, culminating in a performance.  All 4th and 5th graders are welcome to join Stars at their school. 

Warriors is a program for girls and boys in 3rd - 5th grade that teaches students all about swimming, biking and running. In some cases, students haven't ever been on a bike and don't know how to swim. This program teaches students the correct form to participate in these activities and talk about the safety of physical activity and the individual sporting events. This is a 6-week program that meets two days after school in the spring. Along with learning about sports, they also learn about being a part of a team, sportsmanship, respect, setting goals and encouraging others. The program ends with a 5K triathlon.

Girls on the Run
Girls on the Run is a 10-week program for girls in 3rd-5th grade that meets twice a week to talk about self-esteem, personal strengths, connecting with others and discovering who they are while training for a 5K run.  The Greater Kalamazoo Girls on the Run website describes their program as one that "encourages girls to recognize their individual strengths and celebrate connections with others. Each season, girls gain a better understanding of who they are and what's important to them, the value of teamwork and healthy relationships and how they can have a positive impact on the world." This is a program that is run outside of the school district, but many staff members and parents coach the teams. Look for sign-up information in the fall online and learn more on the Greater Kalamazoo Girls on the Run Website.